A Connected Workforce

Centralize your people and project data in Mosaic's workforce management platform to maximize skills, quickly assemble project teams, and plan headcount.

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Unlock the potential of your people

As a result of managing the workforce on spreadsheets and disconnected software, today's teams are stuck operating in silos. Priorities aren't clear, and an unbalanced workload is burning people out. Leadership can't see whether they have the skills internally or need to hire - and if so, what role?

Mosaic is the first workforce management software built to manage people and projects collaboratively. Replacing rigid geographic and office hierarchies, Mosaic gives you a bird's eye view of everyone in your organization to break down silos and see the potential of your workforce.

Maximize efficiency

Smart project staffing—understand employee skills and availability, build project teams, and plan headcount.

Reduce turnover

Balance workload to limit burnout, and empower employees to find new opportunities internally before looking outside of your organization.

Hire smarter

Stop guessing when it’s time to hire. Mosaic forecasts workload and analyzes demand to recommend who to hire and when.

“Mosaic visualizes how things are evolving and changing…For example, if we’re seeing that residential has more legs than retail over the next two years, then we can hire someone with that experience.”
Colin Alley, AIA LEED AP
Associate Principal / Director of Operations
BCV Architecture + Interiors
BCV Architecture + Interiors

Unify your organization with
AI-powered workforce management

Mosaic lets you reach across the organization to assemble project teams, get real-time visibility of capacity to optimally plan work, and understand role demand to hire strategically.

Build the right teams—fast

Mosaic provides smart project team building with real-time access to your available talent pool. Dozens of filters help you find anyone so you can assemble teams from any office, department, or role in minutes. Mosaic's powerful AI looks at every data point to suggest the right people for the project.

See and understand how everyone fits together

Mosaic's org charts provide the missing link to inform unified project staffing and workload allocation. Easily access staff profiles to understand their skills and experience, ensuring you have the right people for the project. Mosaic's org charts even let you add future hires to plan your workforce.

Align your people with your priorities

See who is working on what and when, so you can balance workload across the organization. Use Mosaic's powerful resource planning tools to ensure the highest priority work always gets the resources required while maximizing utilization by keeping all team members busy with billable work.

Understand strengths and weaknesses

Easily see employee capabilities by team or across the company, and filter down in seconds. Mosaic's Skills Report helps you assess the strengths and opportunities of all roles to enable a more strategic approach to project staffing and hiring.

Find talent hiding in plain sight

Map internal talent and skills and easily access all your staff profiles in one place. Everyone in the organization can find and connect with the right people. Search by availability, role, skills, interests, and more.

Maximize your team's efficiency

Categorize projects and employees into departments, roles, offices, and more to structure your organization and enable quick access to talent and work. In seconds, view all information on anyone, anywhere in your organization, and make resource requests. Mosaic’s AI even suggests projects for people to work on when they are available.

Proactively monitor your organization

Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization and make adjustments in real time. Identify issues before they arise to  improve efficiency and reduce turnover. Easily disseminate reporting and operational insights for managers and executives for them to understand and optimize your workforce.

Take the guesswork out of hiring

Understand if you can tap skills internally or need to hire. Mosaic analyzes project and people data to forecast workload across roles, departments, offices, and the entire org, so you hire for the right roles at the right time.

"Get Mosaic. It will change how you do things...It’s freedom from spreadsheets—and from time-consuming manual processes."
Susan Reid, AIA, LEED AP

Eliminating organizational borders and silos

Mosaic centralizes all of your project and people data by bringing project and resource management together with workforce management and analytics to deliver complete workforce visibility, which unlocks the value of your organization's people.

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