Simple, Visual & Intuitive.

Project and resource management features for better communication, faster project completion, and greater business visibility.

Manage Projects

Assign tasks

There’s no faster or more reliable way to prioritize your tasks, manage your time, and meet deadlines. Mosaic tracks tasks from creation to completion, keeping you updated every step along the way.

Easily assign work so everyone knows who’s doing what, and what they need to do next.

“Before we found Mosaic, we were always forgetting tasks and missing deadlines. We’re much more efficient.”

Jon S. - Associate

Share notes

Capture and share meeting minutes, research, contacts, scope and more. Notes are automatically distributed to the team so you never have to worry about keeping people in the loop.

Don’t let notes get lost in your team’s notebooks. Get them on Mosaic to easily search and access important project information fast.

Manage your way

Mosaic is built like a spreadsheet so you can easily add columns to your task lists and project portfolios. Flexible and customizable, it’s as simple or detailed as you need it to be. Mosaic doesn’t put you in a box.


Make templates for every project type to accelerate project kick off. Mosaic makes it easy to create standard checklists, schedules, and budgets, saving hours of work setting up every new project.

Manage Time

Time tracking

Automated time tracking prevents billable time loss, avoids invoice inaccuracies, and saves hours spent trying to remember what you did. And Mosaic easily integrates with your financial software for a seamless experience.


Mosaic provides a clear view into your project fees, connecting project and financial teams to improve how you use budget. Let Mosaic’s notifications keep you informed to meet profit goals.

Manage Teams

Bird's-eye view

A bird’s-eye view of your complete project portfolio to staff, plan, and track work. Whether you
have 5 or 500 projects, you can easily manage cross-team resource sharing and collaboration.


One software to manage your projects, teams, and the company. Get everyone in the company collaborating on the same platform - staff, PMs, directors and executives.

Manage Schedules


Mosaic makes it effortless to create a beautiful, visual schedule for every project,
so you can manage expectations and stay way ahead of deadlines.


Visually see who’s working on what, when, and if they are under or over-utilized so you can
distribute work across the team and staff projects efficiently.

Manage Everything


Create custom dashboards to easily keep an eye on project progress, timesheets, budgets and work forecasts. Even invite others to share insights with the team.


Share files, comments and feedback in one central place, with automatic notifications on every update. You’ll get notified of key tasks, projects, and activities based on your preferences, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Mosaic’s live stream of updates puts an end to pointless meeetings.

“With Mosaic I no longer needed my weekly check-in meetings, saving over   3 hours each week.“

Steve C. Vice President

Live help & support

Simply Turn on "Help Mode" to find your way and view our getting started videos. Need human contact? Our customer success experts are ready to help 24/7 by text, chat, email, or phone.

“ Suprisingly easy to use.”

Anthony Luci, Partner


Nothing to Install

Mosaic is cloud based, automatically updated, and looks the same way on all computers, Mac or PC.

Mobile Apps

Available on Apple iOS or Android for a seamless experience on-the-go.

Schedule View

View your 7 day task and event schedule from your home screen.

Schedule View

View your 7 day task and event schedule from your home screen.

Project Management

Custom Notifications

Automatically send notifications to the team so you never have to remember who needs to be kept in the loop again.

Customizable Views

Manage your projects your way, adding only the tools you need to manage your projects.


Create standard projects checklists so you don't have to keep typing the same tasks over and over again.


Capture and automatically distribute important project information to the team - scope, agendas, minutes, research - anything.

Project Guests

Invite contractors, sub-consultants, or clients to collaborate on projects together.

Personal Projects

Mosaic’s powerful task manager to manage your personal work.


Project Admin Controls

Powerful permission settings to control exactly who can do what.

Management Roles

Set team and project managers to handle layout and setup.

Private & Public Projects

Make teams and projects private, only viewable by members.


From bank-level encryption to Amazon’s most secure servers - security and reliability are our highest priority.


Cloud File Storage

Your favorite file storage software including Google Drive, MS OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Financial Integrations

Seamless Integrations with financial programs like Quickbooks, Deltek, and Xero.

Calendar Integration

Connect your Google, Apple or Outlook calendar to display meetings on your home space.

Email Integration

Reply to comments or notifications directly from email.


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