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Project & Resource Management for Architecture & Engineering Firms

The tools you need to easily staff projects, strategically plan, and
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Empowering A&E to elevate their firms

Mosaic lets you visualize your people with their project workload so you can see who's overbooked, who can take on more, and if you need to hire. For the first time, you can match your work with the capacity of your people to drive record profit.

Manage better

Understand what your team can and can't get done, and balance work across the team to prevent burnout.

Work smarter

Identify winning—and losing—projects and clients, so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn't.

Plan faster

Get AI-powered suggestions to instantly assemble project teams with the right skills, availability, and more.

"Our staffing meeting was getting longer and longer…Mosaic solves this by getting the right person on the right job at the right time.”
Gene Phillips
Wallace Design Collective
Wallace Design Collective

Powerful project and resource planning for architecture & engineering firms

Visualize workload to increase utilization

See who is working on what and who can take on more. Mosaic identifies under- and over-capacity roles and teams with allocation suggestions to ensure everyone is appropriately busy, which increases utilization.

Workload Heatmap

Project staffing superpowers

Mosaic breaks down the siloes in your company to give you instant access to anyone - across teams, departments, and offices. Mosaic's AI saves you days of back and forth by matching people for projects to put together teams in minutes.

Work Plan Suggestions Image

Stop repeating past mistakes

Mosaic compares project plans against actuals to improve the accuracy of your estimated project hours, budgets, and schedules. Finally, you can learn from the past to optimize the future.

Time Variance by Project Image

Ensure every project is profitable

Mosaic provides real-time budget visibility to control project budgets and track performance. Quickly adjust budgets as plans change and manage scope creep to recapture additional services.

Budget Report Image

Make hiring predictable

Know exactly when—and who—to hire. Mosaic compares upcoming demand for each role against the capacity of staff in those roles. Mosaic then analyzes skills of current staff to precision identify which roles to hire and when.

Headcount Planning Image

Gain new insights by connecting Mosaic to your financial software

Mosaic seamlessly integrates with your financial software, including Deltek, Unanet, BST Global, and Quickbooks, for complete visibility into your people, project, and budgets to dramatically improve utilization, productivity, and profitability.

“Mosaic is an intuitive read of our work balance…And enables us to strategically hire."
Colin Alley, AIA LEED AP
Associate Principal / Director of Operations
BCV Architecture + Interiors

Enabling collaboration across your firm

Mosaic is the only resource planning software purpose-built for collaboration. From individual contributors and project managers to directors and principals, every person in your company will benefit from being connected and managing work with Mosaic.

People management designed for architects & engineers by architects & engineers

Mosaic enables A&E firms to efficiently balance workload, which increases utilization while eliminating costly overtime and burnout. With powerful features including project planning, workload management, budget tracking, reports, and dashboards, Mosaic gives your firm everything it needs to maximize productivity and profitability.

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