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Disorganized project navigation can make you feel lost, but Mosaic uses a familiar folder structure to naturally organize all groups and projects on your team, while providing project information visually, in a way that your folders never could.

Avoid those giant task lists - Mosaic lets you break things up into manageable groups. Create a board for every division of your company, allowing for easy cross-department collaboration and a central point of communication.

Most project management software is set up for the project manager or the individual team member, but Mosaic has two distinct spaces.


Home is where you get things done day to day, with all of your projects and tasks from Boards, so you can focus on your work.


Team is your birds-eye view, where projects are organized into groups or Boards, and you can manage who is working on what.

It's usually either too many features, or not enough, but Mosaic has the right combination of essential functionality. What it does, it does really well - projects, tasks, notes and schedules all cleverly wrapped into one simple workflow.

If your software tries to do too much and has gotten so complex that it no longer does anything well, try Mosaic. Our web app is built like a mobile app, with no training required. For teams that run lean and don't have time to waste on their PM software – just start clicking around, or turn on the help overlay.

Mobile apps often feel completely different from the web app, but Mosaic brings your web app to your phone, for a seamless experience. Nothing is faster for managing your projects on the go.

At the core, Mosaic is about sharing project information, planning projects and tracking everything going on, so you can spend more time doing what you love. Designed for everyone in your company, on Mosaic, every project and every person counts.





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  •   Up to 20 Projects

  •   All Features

  •   Unlimited Tasks

  •   Unlimited Notes

  •   Mobile App
    Launching Nov 27th



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  •   Unlimited Board

  •   Unlimited Projects

  •   All Features

  •   Unlimited Tasks

  •   Unlimited Notes

  •   Mobile App
    Launching Nov 27th

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