Project management is messy. Clean it up with Mosaic.

Introducing a new way to manage projects and the team. Mosaic lets you easily plan and execute your projects with personal, project and team spaces.


Home is where you get things done day to day, with all of your projects and tasks in one place, so you can focus on your work.


Project space is where you assign tasks to share work and track responsibilities, so you always know who is doing what, and when.


Boards group your team's projects to give you a high-level view so you can plan, track and manage in a single glance.

Track & manage any project

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Create a Board for every team, department, or major project - Mosaic is flexible enough to manage anything. It provides a central point of communication in your company, to get everyone working together.

Most project management software is clunky, with so many features you can’t even add a task. Refreshingly simple, Mosaic makes project management look easy.



All of the essential project management features, cleverly wrapped into one simple workflow your team will love. There's no setup or training required, it just works for everyone.

A seamless experience between web and mobile, so you can free yourself from the office to manage on the go.



Distraction free design, project management never looked so good.


Stripped of complexity, you're free to manage projects, not software.


No setup or training required, just start clicking around.

See how you can work together in a simpler, more organized way.


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Free unlimited 30-day trial. No setup or training required. Sign up to see what we mean.

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