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Too many apps? Introducing the visual Project Management software to rule them all.

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Project Management Tools for Teams

Tasks lists, checklists, notes, kanbans, budgets, timelines, timesheets, resource planning and much more. Dozens of tools to manage people, projects, companies. So intuitive, teams can dive right in.

A space for everything

Four spaces of Mosaic Project Management Solution


Your personal Home space is where you plan, prioritize, and get work done day-to-day, your way.

Four spaces of Mosaic Project Management Solution


Customized views and tools to effectively manage any project.

Four spaces of Mosaic Project Management Solution


Group your projects to get a full view so you can plan, track, schedule, and communicate across projects.

Three spaces of Mosaic Project Management Solution


Real-time reporting for data-driven insights on your entire company.

Distraction Free Design

Stunning Simplicity

Traditional project management tools have hundreds of buttons. It hurts to even look at. So we cleaned it up. Mosaic is distraction-free. Delightful to use. As simple or detailed as you need it to be, designed to help you focus.

Tablet screen of team planning in Mosaic project management software

Complete Business Visibility

One App to Rule Them All

Every project. Everyone in the company. Every schedule. All your files, ready to go. Open Mosaic for a unique bird's-eye view of who’s doing what, when, and for how long.

Bring every app and team member together, so you can manage your ever-expanding software stack. Finally know what’s going on in your company.

Automate your project management

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Mosaic schedule and timeline software screen

"Mosaic feels like the future"
Philip, Senior Designer

Dynamic Schedules

The Perfect Playbook

How can you get to the finish line if you can’t see where you’re going? Good project management relies on realistic planning, so we designed flexible schedules that move with the team.

As your visual roadmap for every project, Mosaic's timelines help you respond to changes as they happen. Super simple drag and drop updating means you’ll actually use it.

Add in Mosaic’s Assistant to track deadlines, project milestones, and even suggest updates - and clearly see the past, present, and future like never before.

Patented Planning

The Ultimate Triage Tool

Manual processes and clumsy tools guarantee that something will fall through the cracks. The smallest oversights add up to major mistakes.

Our patented predictive scheduling means smart planning from the start. What happens when you inevitably get caught up in a deadline and can’t plan your week? Relax. Our automated task rescheduling will handle it.

Clear Budgets

Effortless Financial Planning

Do you have reliable budget monitoring? Now you can easily view time planned, spent and budgeted in real-time. Connected with planning, activity, and time tracking, so you get an accurate picture of where you really stand.

With live budgets, you’ll finally know how much time your projects really cost.

Resource Planning

Streamline and Synchronize

We’re leveling the playing field by integrating the best resource management practices from top-performing teams into Mosaic, in a way that’s easy enough for anyone to use. Plan hours, assess utilization, and get complete visibility with interactive dashboards. Actionable insights to help you quickly make informed decisions.

Improve the health of your business by spotting resource and schedule issues before they happen while optimizing time to deliver every project on schedule.

Use Mosaic to manage everything and everyone.

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 Laptop with Mosaic personal home view

"I'm finally getting
home on time."
Steve, Partner

Personal Home

Control Center

When your team has a lot going on, it's tough to figure out your priorities.

Made for your eyes only, Mosaic’s Personal Home manages all your work while syncing with your team. Separate from the noise of the team, it’s where you enjoy full control over your work - and set priorities on your own terms.

Now you never have to ask ‘what am I supposed to be working on?’ again.

Completely Customizable

Build your project your way with customized views including tasks, notes, timelines, checklists, photos, files, charts and more. All the project management tools your team needs.

Desktop screen of Mosaic AI automated timesheets and time tracking

Automated Timesheets

Get Rewarded for Using Mosaic

Timesheets… essential to the bottom line but the worst part of your job. A finance team’s nightmare. Until now.

In our effort to make your life easier, we’ve forever changed how you track and report time. Simply combine project planning and scheduling. Infuse activity tracking automation… and voilà!

Use Mosaic and you’ll never have to do timesheets again.

Company team view in Mosaic project management tool

"Now we can spend our time on
what matters. Remarkable results."
Richard, Principal


Grand Central

Too many apps across the team? Project sheets, notes apps, financial software, marketing kanban boards, hiring platforms…

Mosaic is the modern all in one. Manage anything and everything. Every team. Design. Product. Marketing. Accounting. Talent. Operations.

Designed to manage thousand of projects, you can be sure your company will never outgrow Mosaic.

Mosaic mobile app on phone screen

Built for speed

Free yourself from the office to manage on the go. Simply login and Mosaic continually improves with automatic cloud updates. No installation required.

Case Study

Two-time Inc. 5000 winner, without the growing pains.

EDG, a New York City-based architecture and engineering firm, manages every single project with Mosaic.

465+ active projects across design, development, and restoration teams as well as administrative functions including HR, office management, and marketing.

95% fewer project meetings
90% faster timesheet completion
75% business growth over 3 years
45 minute weekly meetings covering dozens of projects
Doubled staff size
100% managed & run on Mosaic

“We’ve doubled our size in just three years without sacrificing project or design quality. When your reputation, your license, and your business’ future rely on the success of every project as much as it does for A/E firms, you need a tool like Mosaic to keep everyone connected, and moving forward together.”

Richard Unterthiner
Design Director

2-time Inc. 5000 in last three years, on track for a third. What are they doing differently?

Do Less. Achieve More.

Discover all tools your team needs to get work done, wrapped into one simple workflow. No setup or training required, it just works for everyone.