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Resource Management Software for Agencies

Visualize who is working on what and when, so you can confidently staff projects and strategically hire.
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Empowering creative and marketing agencies to achieve business excellence

Agency teams deliver their best work—and drive higher profitability—when they’re focused on just that: the work. You and your team aren’t operating at full potential if you’re weighed down by repetitive tasks, time-consuming spreadsheets, and endless games of telephone.

Mosaic visualizes workload and forecasts so teams can see who’s overbooked, who can take on more, and if they need to hire. That way, you can optimize project and resource planning to drive profit.

Allocate faster

Get AI-powered recommendations to instantly assemble project teams with the right skills, availability, and more.

Manage better

Understand what your team can and can't get done, and balance work across the team to prevent burnout.

Work smarter

Leverage intelligent automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline project and resource planning.

“Mosaic is crucial to our workflow. We look forward to it improving our productivity and profitability.”
Nikki Tebo
Director of Marketing
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Runa Workshop

Supercharged resource planning for high-performing agencies

Optimize workload and gain new insights with Mosaic’s next-generation resource management software.

Visualize workload to boost utilization

Understand what your team can and can't get done, and balance work across the team to keep everyone busy—without overscheduling. This significantly increases utilization, which boosts profit.

Workload Heatmap

Take the guesswork out of headcount planning

Stop hiring when it hurts. Mosaic forecasts demand by role, and then compares that forecast to the capacity of those roles to specifically pinpoint who to hire—and when. Mosaic can even recommend which skills to look for in your hiring efforts.

Demand Analysis Image

Track budgets in real time to boost profitability

Operate your business with clarity. Mosaic provides real-time budget visibility and profitability analysis. Easily adjust budgets as plans change, and analyze project performance to recapture additional services and prevent scope creep.

project profitability image

Efficiently staff projects at scale

Quickly map available staff to pipeline projects, accurately accounting for skills, availability, and more. Mosaic’s AI even suggests people for projects and projects for people, reducing time-to-fill and expediting deliverability.

Work Plan Suggestions Image


Gain new intelligence by integrating Mosaic with your tech stack

See the big—and complete—picture. Mosaic eliminates redundant processes and spreadsheet silos by connecting to your existing software to visualize the business and enable data-driven decisions.

"Before, we could only forecast about a month ahead, and now we can budget the whole project."
Steve Shaffer, AIA

Delivering value across the organization

Mosaic is the only resource management software purpose-built for collaboration. From individual contributors and project managers to operational leaders and owners, every person in your agency will benefit from Mosaic’s tools and reporting.

Delivering a planning tool built for your industry

Visually manage capacity across all projects and efficiently schedule resources. Mosaic enables agencies to efficiently balance workload, which increases utilization while eliminating costly overtime. Couple this powerful resource planning software with AI-powered headcount recommendations, project and profit reporting, and people analytics, and you’ve got everything you need to successfully grow your agency.

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