AI, Automation, and Forecasting

Harness the power of AI and automation to plan faster and smarter—and make workload predictable.

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Optimizing project and resource planning

Work planning is so complex that most companies struggle to do it well, if at all. One project is delayed, then the next, causing a ripple effect across the team. Mosaic calms the chaos by leveraging AI and automation to make work planning faster, smarter, and predictable.

AI-powered Mosaic suggests projects to work on if someone is free. It also helps with project team assembly by suggesting staff who can work on the project based on their availability, skills, and dozens of data points. AI-powered planning greatly increases the time people spend on revenue-generating work.

Plan Smarter

Manage workload with predictable certainty—thanks to powerful AI technology. Make data-driven decisions and clearly see the best course of action.

Plan Faster

Integrate your financial tools to avoid double entry and increase efficiency with automation.

Plan Forward

Make business decisions based on what's going to happen. Mosaic analyzes historical project and planning data to accurately forecast workload.

"Before, we could only forecast about a month ahead, and now we can budget the whole project…You can zoom in and out; look at a week, three months, six months—Mosaic is very flexible."
Steve Shaffer, AIA

The future of planning is here

Optimize your workforce like never before. Mosaic's powerful machine learning gets smarter over time, consistently improving recommendations and forecasts based on what actually happens.

Ensure everyone is busy with the right work

Mosaic analyzes capacity, project plans, tasks, deadlines, and budgets to suggest the right jobs for the right people, significantly increasing utilization.

Staff projects in seconds

Mosaic analyzes everything to present the right staff for projects and deadlines. Mosaic even gets smarter over time, understanding your projects and team to improve recommendations.

Know when to hire and when to bring in more work

Mosaic looks at the workload demand for every role and compares it against the capacity of staff in those roles. It then anticipates and alerts you to where demand will exceed capacity, so you’re able to hire—before things get hectic.

Visually map your team's skills

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of everyone in your organization. Mosaic enables project planning based on skills and identifies gaps to inform hiring.

Understand where you make your money—and where you lose it

Mosaic analyzes historical planning data and project accounting to recommend which proposals to pursue and which ones to pass.

Effectively forecast workload

Stop worrying about whether you have enough work or are taking on too much. Mosaic analyzes historical project data to predict workload, so you can plan with confidence.

Move faster with AI-powered planning shortcuts

Experience compounding efficiencies thanks to Mosaic’s lightning-fast automation and system integrations. Understand the schedule impact of any change across your organization, and receive alerts about competing priorities and scheduling conflicts.

Replicate wins with project cloning and templates

Build upon past projects and start work faster by leveraging templates and cloning previous projects. Mosaic makes it easy to learn from and repeat your past success.

"Mosaic is truly the best that I’ve seen."
Gene Phillips
Wallace Design Collective
Wallace Design Collective

Increasing utilization to drive profit

Inefficient planning means your staff is sitting on the bench or your best people are overworked. And it means that teams aren't sure what to work on because every project has competing priority. Delayed work and missed deadlines cause unnecessary friction between employees, teams, and clients, significantly reducing profitability.

But, when the entire organization gets involved in planning—and leverages automation and AI—then everyone spends less time planning and more time winning projects, exceeding client expectations, and getting paid. Mosaic is your AI toolkit for workforce intelligence, enabling you to take control of the work and the business.

Automatic Work Planning

Simply enter project information, click a button, and let mosaic plan the project for you.

Automatic Time Tracking

Get the most powerful time tracking tools available—even if you don't use timesheets.

Automatic Project Teams

Streamline planning. Mosaic's AI suggests the right people for projects and the right projects for people.

See how Mosaic can increase productivity and profitability—guaranteed.
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