Use Cases for Resource Management Software

See how everyone across the organization can use Mosaic to improve collaboration, project staffing, and hiring.

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Delivering transparency across the organization

Engineering, product, finance, marketing, sales, customer success, and other teams work in process and software silos, making it impossible to understand and execute work in a coordinated way. The result? Inefficient teams, unpredictable revenue, and incomplete data.

Leaders are forced to make reactive decisions, and it’s impossible to strategically plan and accurately forecast. Mosaic breaks through silos, connecting entire organizations to enable collaborative planning, optimize workload, and provide actionable insights.

Manage Smarter

Structure the right habits for effective project and resource planning with Mosaic’s built-in best practices.

Partner Effectively

Get the correct information into everyone’s hands. Mosaic enables strategic collaboration across the org.

Lead Confidently

Welcome to the future of forecasting. Get accurate forecasts every quarter and land within 4% of your projection.

“Mosaic is crucial to our workflow. We look forward to it improving our productivity and profitability.”
Nikki Tebo
Director of Marketing
Runa Workshop
Runa Workshop

Genuine value across all roles and functions

Mosaic’s wide feature set, powerful integrations, and intuitive design enable the entire organization to get better work done faster, together.

Executives gain the visibility they've always wanted

Through seamless integrations with financial and project software, Mosaic instantly collects and analyzes all project, people, and planning data to show at a high level what's happening inside the business, while simultaneously forecasting workload.

People managers get the most out of their teams—without burnout

See who is working on what and when. Leverage AI-powered recommendations to perfectly calibrate everyone’s workload. Shift under-capacity people to assist elsewhere in the company or prioritize pursuing new projects. Mosaic also anticipates hiring demand, so leaders can proactively partner with recruiters and HR to efficiently hire.

Hiring managers accurately plan headcount and proactively hire

Mosaic compares upcoming demand for each role against the capacity of staff in those roles, indicating where demand exceeds capacity, so leaders know when to hire. Mosaic also reviews the skills of current staff to identify skill gaps and suggest which skills to look for in hiring.

Project managers beat deadlines—without overtime

Quickly map available staff to incoming workload, accurately accounting for skillsets, availability, and more. Mosaic’s AI even suggests people for projects and projects for people. This enables PMs to task work efficiently and complete projects on time—no midnight oil required.

Finance and operations teams understand project performance

Mosaic pulls in project financials from ERPs or accounting software to show in real-time how projects perform to budget. Receive alerts for projects tracking overbudget, and see where staff are working outside the parameters of the original scope of work.

Business development teams pursue the best projects

Mosaic shows where companies make money, so teams know the types of projects to pursue. Mosaic also compares project time estimates against actuals to improve accuracy of proposed timelines and deliverability of work. It even shows how long phases and tasks take, so teams can carve out additional services.

Individual contributors understand their impact and value

Get the information you need to manage your workload, including accurate work plans and the dates you need to beat deadlines—from your desktop or phone. Plan your day and effortlessly track time. Mosaic prevents late nights and weekend work from poor planning.

"Mosaic is an intuitive read of our work balance…For example, if we’re seeing that residential has more legs than retail over the next two years, then we can hire someone with that experience."
Colin Alley, AIA LEED AP
Associate Principal / Director of Operations
BCV Architecture + Interiors
BCV Architecture + Interiors

Seeing the big picture—together

Mosaic combines your project, budget, timesheet, and planning data into one complete picture. It then enhances that picture with AI and machine learning to optimize work across all teams. This increases productivity, improves utilization rates, and maximizes profitability. But most importantly, it gets everyone speaking the same language and rallies entire organizations around shared goals.

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