Next-Generation Resource Management
& Workforce Intelligence

Leverage Mosaic to efficiently plan and staff projects, forecast workload, and understand your team like never before.

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Get complete workload visibility

First of its kind, Mosaic is an AI-powered resource planning and workforce intelligence software purpose-built for collaboration. Visualizing workload, Mosaic gives organizations the flexibility to staff any project, shifting talent and skills around at any moment to maximize efficiency.


Collaborative resource planning software

Mosaic is the quickest and easiest way to see what everyone is working on, so you can plan and manage work together.


Keep teams busy without the burnout

Visualize workload across the organization to understand the capacity of your team and balance work to ensure everyone is busy, but not overloaded.

Know your business

Mosaic gives you an out-of-the-box business intelligence tool, providing the data and reporting you need to run the organization—no analyst required.

Know where you're going

Mosaic visualizes and forecasts workload, so you can confidently plan this quarter—and beyond.

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Know what you're missing

Mosaic analyzes your workforce to identify opportunities across projects, skills, and roles.

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Know what you need

Mosaic streamlines resource planning. Know whether you need to source more work, tap internal resources, or hire.

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Stop guessing, start knowing

Stop relying on your gut, and finally get complete workforce visibility. Mosaic forecasts workload and demand, so you can plan headcount and prevent burnout.


Access all your people data in one place

Look inside your organization before sourcing outside consultants or new hires. Mosaic visualizes your workforce—complete with robust staff profiles—and enables decision-making based on real-time data, so you can efficiently allocate staff and maximize your team’s talent.

AI Planning

Mosaic's AI suggests people for projects and projects for people, ensuring everyone always has something to do.

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AI Forecasts

Mosaic analyzes millions of data points to forecast workload and budgets.

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AI Hiring

Mosaic's AI recommends which roles you need to hire and when, enabling proactive headcount planning.

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Take action with real-time data

Instead of waiting 30 days after the month ends to accurately understand business performance, see the story in real-time with Mosaic's visual reports. These automatically distributed reports reduce risk by enabling organization-wide decision making based on a single source of truth.

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Loved by all—from small
businesses to large enterprises

Dramatically improve productivity and profitability.

Increase in Utilization
Boost in Revenue
Increase in Profitability

Understand your team like never before

Dashboards on Mosaic offer a simple and effective way to distribute key workforce metrics to managers and executives in real-time, so they can take action before it's too late.


Don't take our word for it

Join the productive teams managing thousands of projects every day on Mosaic.

Mosaic stopped the fighting over people and priorities.

Kent Lutz
Principal | CMBA

Mosaic ensures we have the right person on the right job at the right time.

Gene Phillips
Principal | Wallace Design Collective

Get Mosaic. It will change how you do things...It’s freedom from spreadsheets.

Susan Reid
Principal | Interwork


The data you need to run the business at your fingertips

Get an X-ray into the business with reports and dashboards.

Staffing/Team Leaders

The visual way to manage your team and projects

Streamline staffing meetings and get everyone on the same page.

Project Managers

The tools you need to manage any project like a pro

Easily track scope, monitor budgets, assign tasks, and plan projects.

Control your work

Manage project schedules, workload and what needs to get done.

Align the team

Prevent burnout with balanced workload and clear communication.

Engage the Organization

Get the insights you need to improve employee engagement and retention.


Unlock data without replacing software

Unlike financial software that requires heavy implementation and professional services, Mosaic connects with your existing software—pulling in staff, clients, projects, fees, and more—to go live in days, rather than months.


Featuring a visual and user-friendly interface, Mosaic is the stunningly simple way to manage your business.


Mosaic provides efficient planning and accurate recommendations, so you can make data-driven decisions in real-time.


Mosaic gets everyone into the workforce planning conversation for accurate, real-time information.

Unprecedented transparency and efficiency

 Mosaic is delivering the world's most effective resource management solution, built from the collective resource planning knowledge of every industry, globally. Mosaic increases productivity and profitability, while improving communication, accountability, and retention.

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