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The future of organizational management is not on spreadsheets.
November 29, 2022
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Thanks to modern software, the workforce is more connected now than ever. Yet organizations today are still managed in silos with limited collaboration across regions, offices, departments, and teams. Business leaders and managers have limited visibility into what's happening in the organization, including work capacity, role demand, and skills. It's the number one organizational management problem facing companies in the flat world we live in today and the cause of missed deadlines, work imbalance, and burnout.

At the root of this problem is that its nearly 2023, and companies today are still using spreadsheets to manage their people. Employees are a line on an operational spreadsheet and often even reduced to just a number. Most software started as a spreadsheet as it's great for creating processes but isn't scalable. Imagine managing your sales contacts on a spreadsheet instead of a customer relationship management system like Salesforce. It's incredibly inefficient at a certain point! That's the same inefficiency you are experiencing with your resource management spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets cannot provide a collaborative management solution because they fail to track who made changes to plans. This inadequate tracking leaves work to be managed by a small percentage of people in the organization who have permission to update the spreadsheet. They can't be integrated with existing tools, causing delays and leaving them disconnected from organizational data, requiring duplicate work prone to human error. Operational business decisions demand real-time information to keep up with the speed of change in business today.

It's time for the most mission-critical business function of managing people to be a modern, purpose-built tool. Mosaic forever changes how organizations are managed, providing the data you need to connect, manage, and understand the people who make your company great.

Resource planning is Mosaic's wedge into your organization's management. We took the learnings and best practices of resource management spreadsheets from all industries over the last thirty years to create a modern, flexible workforce management software. The next generation of resource management is visual, integrated, and automated to allow everyone to manage the organization together.

As opposed to project management software for the project manager and everyone below them, Mosaic is a tool for everyone above the project manager to get visibility into the organization. Where project management is to manage projects and tasks, resource management is to manage people and what projects they are working on. All companies that use project management software also need resource management software.

Mosaic is deeply integrated to supercharge your existing financial or ERP software. By design, it's everything your financial software is not. Tried and true over decades, ERPs can do just about anything. But in doing everything, the core information required for the day-to-day gets lost in the complexity. Acting as the bridge between the finance team and everyone else in the organization, Mosaic is laser-focused on communicating the information managers and executives need at their fingertips to run the business in real-time.

Mosaic's mission is to give people control over work by creating visibility and a communication system to manage work, workload, and demand, giving employees a powerful tool to prevent overwork and burnout, together. We see Mosaic playing an essential role in hybrid and remote workforce management. However, it's mission-critical for all modern organizations to connect people to operate as a single cohesive team. Connect, manage, and understand your people to achieve unprecedented efficiency and profitability.


Mosaic removes the rigid hierarchies holding you back, connecting everyone in the organization for immediate access to anyone in the company - across teams, departments, offices, regions, or continents. Operate as one pool of talent with the data you need to understand who employees and consultants are, where they've been, what they've done, and where they're going. Tap into the skills and knowledge you need to manage your organization and visualize how everyone fits together with powerful org charts, complete with detailed profiles.

With Mosaic connecting your workforce, you get the fastest and easiest way to build project teams. Replacing dozens of emails, chat messages, and calls required to staff a project, our Team Builder lets you reach across the organization and put together project teams in minutes instead of days. Mosaic's AI analyzes all data in the system to understand your people, identifying matches for the roles to help find the right people for the project team in seconds. Suggestions are trained with a continuous feedback loop from your choices to improve over time.

With Mosaic as your project communication system, people can easily ask for and get help on projects. If you have a deadline at the end of the month and need a few people to help - Mosaic shows you who's available to jump in and even sends them a notification that help is needed. If the workload is low for a project manager, they can jump in and join any team, anywhere help is needed. Employees can find projects doing the work they love - they can join projects to mentor, be mentored, or be up-skilled for the next step in their career. Mosaic's internal mobility tools put your employees in a position to get the most out of their work and control their careers.


Mosaic's shortcuts and automation make a resource manager's job 10x faster than spreadsheets — but what makes it unique is that it's designed for everyone to play a part in managing who's working on what. Going direct to the source unlocks the planning power of the collective team for always up-to-date information that's a lot more accurate. With organization-wide visibility, everyone can play their part in ensuring everyone has something to do while actively monitoring for burnout and hiring needs. Instead of wasting time doing manual data entry, resource managers can focus on optimizing, leading, and making strategic business decisions.

Mosaic gets information distributed quickly by literally getting everyone on the same page with a single source of truth. Connecting all levels of management and enabling organization-wide collaborative management is the key to the boost in efficiency it provides. Our resource management function acts as a communication center for the high-level workflow, visually presenting what projects and initiatives people are working on.

Mosaic also has powerful AI optimization features to maximize the efficiency and utilization of employees. It suggests projects for people with available time to ensure everyone always has something to do. It checks for scheduling conflicts and bottlenecks as day-to-day changes happen to prevent project delays and missed deadlines. Think of it as an air traffic controller, assuring all projects can be completed on a reliable schedule.

In mid-2023, we will release one of our most exciting features—the first-ever living roadmap with our patented automatic rescheduling. Mosaic understands that life doesn't go according to plan and automatically reschedules projects based on what you did, not what you planned to do. No matter what happens as the project progresses, you'll always have an up-to-date, realistic estimate of the project's completion so that you can make reliable business decisions.

By the end of the year, Mosaic will suggest ways for a project behind schedule to get done on time. Maybe a project of a lower priority can be pushed back a couple of months, or there are people available to jump in and help make an upcoming deadline. Our ML workforce optimization tools boost efficiency, so you'll get the most out of your resources and achieve significantly higher profitability without the risk of burnout and turnover.


Managers, executives, and leaders from every company struggle to understand their work and workforce. Poor visibility into project and people data makes it hard to make confident decisions and set goals for the organization's future.

Mosaic provides the reports to get the insights that managers and executives need right out of the box, with dashboards to deliver these reports so that they can act on them in real time. Mosaic's seamless integrations let you access workforce data needed to track, analyze, and predict workload, demand, headcount, billing, and revenue.

For example, based on the increased workload from four new projects, our AI might have the insight that you will need to hire a new project manager for a specific department within the next 60 days. Soon with our AI-driven insights, you will plug your existing software into Mosaic to see things you could never see before and learn more about your people than you ever knew.

With Mosaic, you get the data you need to run a well-managed organization with a controlled workload while planning your future organization. The next generation of data-driven intelligent decision-making means you will no longer struggle to understand the past or guess the future. Empowered with AI-driven insights that support critical business decisions, you'll have certainty in an uncertain world.

Join Us

Mosaic is on a mission to destroy rigid organizational hierarchies to operate as one team. We're passionate about helping companies use technology to end burnout and empowering them to effectively manage their most valuable asset, their people. With Mosaic, you can become  and agile organization, moving people around to respond to any business changes.

We believe the best tool is not the one that does everything but one that everyone actually uses. Mosaic is visual and easy to use —automating, templating, and curating every step of the process. Mosaic has a philosophy of continuous improvement and will always get better and easier to use with each month's release. We want to delight our users with an intelligent product that does the tedious work for them through true automation and powerful AI.

We promise to listen to all feedback and work tirelessly to make Mosaic a tool that can positively impact every part of your organization. Join us and help shape the future of this powerful tool that empowers your organization to work collaboratively as one team.

John Meyer

Founder & CEO

John Meyer

Founder, CEO
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