Budget & Time Tracking

View time spent compared to planned, so you can get projects back on track—before it's too late.

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Making every minute count

Time is money. And if your team is spending a lot of time on completing, submitting, and chasing timesheets, then you’re losing money. Even worse is the money lost because your team doesn't manage project financials. Mosaic gives you tools to track project time, fees, billing, and profit all from one place.

Save Time

Say goodbye to double data entry. Mosaic seamlessly integrates with your financial software to keep time and budget in sync.

Track Faster

Harness the power of automation. Mosaic automatically populates timesheets and sends reminders to anyone falling behind.

Estimate Smarter

Better plan future projects by understanding how much time your projects actually take.

"It's so much easier to do a timesheet. For some staff, it would take 30 minutes previously, but now with Mosaic, it’s maybe a minute...Mosaic makes it very efficient."
Steve Shaffer, AIA
WRA Architects
WRA Architects

Accurate tracking for improved planning

Get more accurate time tracking and project financials with Mosaic's budget and time tracking features.

Visually track all project budgets in one view

Stop operating in the dark. Mosaic delivers accurate, real-time budget visibility to your entire organization. Easily adjust budgets as plans change and prevent scope creep.

Make missing timesheets a thing of the past

Mosaic's AI and automation will make you forget why you ever hated timesheets so much. Simply turn on our timesheet automation to pre-populate timesheets, complete with estimates. Get simple and accurate time tracking with Mosaic's user-friendly project and task timers.

Submit timesheets anywhere, anytime

Quickly and easily submit timesheets from anywhere in the world with Mosaic's mobile app, available on iOS or Android.

Prevent scope creep and recapture additional services

Easily monitor project performance with profit reporting. Mosaic's powerful AI even projects time spent and forecasts a completion date.

Monitor project time

Our powerful filtering helps you quickly get the customized time reporting you need. You can even export an XLS or CSV.

Never chase late timesheets again

The Timesheet Status Report shows who to chase and when to chase them. You can even shelve the chasing entirely by letting Mosaic send a followup for you.

Understand how long things actually take

Develop the most accurate plans possible with Mosaic's Variance Reports. Visualize planned time vs. actual time spent, and get AI-driven tips for improving your planning.

“It used to take weeks to handle invoicing—especially getting people to fill out their timesheets...now I can knock it out in a day…Mosaic has made our billing process so much more efficient.”
Colin Alley, AIA LEED AP
Associate Principal / Director of Operations
BCV Architecture + Interiors
BCV Architecture + Interiors

Recognizing revenue faster

When teams immediately track time and quickly submit timesheets, then leadership isn’t caught in the timesheet runaround. Time approved. Invoices sent. Payments received. It's a simple workflow, but one that's ripe for optimization—and Mosaic has done it. Leave the time and budget tracking to us.

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