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Better manage your work, team, and business with Mosaic's AI-powered resource management, reporting, and forecasting software.

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The way you're working is no longer working

Resource management is stuck in the past. Digital transformation has improved how businesses operate—except when it comes to organizational management. Your data is spread across different tools and cobbled together in overwhelming spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are hard to quickly understand, even harder to analyze, and downright painful to update. And because spreadsheets don't integrate with other software, double entry is always required, and errors inevitably occur. Leaders are left to manage their workforce in the dark. Finally, there's a better way.

Delivering complete workforce visibility

AI-powered and integrated with the tools you already use, Mosaic automatically gathers data from across your organization to show who is working on what, when, and for how long—all in one beautiful interface.

Traditional project management tools are all about the granular day-to-day tasks. Mosaic works at higher levels, enabling you to see the big picture—without getting lost in the task weeds.

Mosaic connects all levels of your organization—executives, project managers, and individual contributors—to make resource planning a team sport. Everyone contributes to the plan and takes ownership of their work.

Mosaic is your single source of truth for who is working on what and when.

"Get Mosaic. It will change how you do things...It’s freedom from spreadsheets—and from time-consuming manual processes."
Susan Reid, AIA, LEED AP
Interwork Architects
Interwork Architects

Modernizing resource management

The day-to-day moves fast, and plans change quickly. Legacy ERP systems and manual spreadsheets are clunky and lack the flexibility required to keep up. Mosaic—on the other hand—is adaptable, lightning fast, and specifically designed to optimize traditional planning.

Plan Together

Centralize changes and communication. Collaborate in real-time—without email, chats, or complex spreadsheets.

Plan Faster

Increase efficiency across your entire company by leveraging automation. Create templates and clone past projects. Plans you don't complete automatically reschedule.

Plan Smarter

Optimize your work plans and workforce—thanks to powerful AI technology. Make data-driven decisions and clearly see the best course of action.

AI-powered tools for collaborative resource planning

Experience the most effective approach to planning. Mosaic enables organizations to standardize the planning process and provide visibility across different offices, teams, and even separate software.

Manage workload with predictable certainty.

See who is working on what and when, so you can change plans on the fly. Our workload heatmap visually shows you who needs work and who is overloaded.

Know how much work you've got and how much you need.

Plan work for future hires and projects using unassigned roles. Forecast workload and automatically compare against capacity. Mosaic's AI even recommends when it's time to hire and for what role.

Replace spreadsheets with AI-powered workforce intelligence.

Forget manual spreadsheets filled with complex and broken formulas. Mosaic delivers accurate, real-time visibility into key organizational metrics.

Leverage lightning-fast planning shortcuts.

Set schedules once and let Mosaic manage the rest with our patented automatic rescheduling. Understand the schedule impact of changes across your organization, and get alerted to competing priorities and scheduling conflicts.

Assemble project teams in seconds.

Build, edit, copy, and reassign work plans with the click of a button. Get AI-powered recommendations to assemble projects teams with the right skills and availability, and instantly update teams as plans change.  

Strategically plan projects.

Map out project phases, adjust schedules and assignments, and better understand what needs to be done. Create unassigned roles to plan un-contracted work and future projects. And if a project is late, Mosaic even suggests who can help get it back on track.

Efficiently manage workflow.

Effortlessly triage work and navigate conflicting dates and priorities. Work Requests allow you to coordinate and collaborate across the organization.

Centralize planning communication.

Ensure plans are always up-to-date and accurate by centralizing planning communication and collaboration in Mosaic. The psychology is simple—visibility and ownership of work plans improves employee focus and accountability. Leverage our Check-In feature to instantly notify teams of daily plans, keeping everyone on the same page and on track.

"Mosaic is truly the best that I’ve seen."
M. Gene Phillips, PE
Wallace Design Collective
Wallace Design Collective

Putting people first

Mosaic is the first resource management software that enables real-time collaboration for planning work—a simple but powerful shift. Each team member informs their work plans, replacing the extensive back-and-forth meetings, calls, emails, and chats to figure out who's doing what. Mosaic centralizes communication and collaboration with real-time updates—no email, chats, or complex spreadsheets required. It's a bottom-up approach to resource management, and the impact is immediate.

  • Plans are always accurate and up-to-date.
  • Communication on work plans is improved.
  • Planning is collaborative.
  • There's real ownership and accountability.

Maximizing profitability

Mosaic ensures you have the right people on the right projects at the right time, creating organization-wide efficiencies and maximizing billable hours. It doesn’t cost anything to be more efficient, which enables dramatically higher profitability. AI-optimized planning significantly increases your utilization and profit—guaranteed.

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