Your Core Productivity Tools, Combined!

Other project management software is either too simple, or overly complex.

Mosaic has the right combination of essential functionality to manage your projects.

Mosaic relieves your team's stress

When things don't get written down, most people assume it wasn't done because it was forgotten. But with everything on your Mosaic, on your Mosaic, its clear that's not the case.

As priorities change and fires come up, it's easy to forget about other priorities. But Mosaic helps you see the full picture. Often these conflicts are for projects with different managers, and Mosaic provides the communication to coordinate this level of cross-teamwork.

Before Mosaic, project groups were limited to the number of people and moving parts that one person could mentally manage. But Mosaic takes over that responsibility, so you can be free to break things up into as many pieces as you want.

And with Mosaic you can easily offer and receive help from other teammates. So more can get done, in less time, with fewer people. Good thing there's never a shortage of things to do...

Mosaic relieves your stress.

Think about what it would be like to handle all of the moving parts within your project and team. Your brain operates a lot like a computer's hard drive space and random access memory (RAM). Using RAM slows down your computer, but using hard drive space doesn't affect performance. So get it out of your head and onto your Mosaic.

Think about how much more you will get done in less time, the control you will have over your workload, and the extra time you will get to spend with your friends and family. Leaving for vacation shouldn't be so scary and stressful. Fortunately, Mosaic let's you work from anywhere.

And wouldn't it be nice to meet those deadlines without burning the midnight oil or giving up your weekends. Think about how nice it would be to get home at the same time everyday.

Our goal at Mosaic is to help you get home on time. Life has gotten more complicated than ever and it's just not possible to handle it all without Mosaic to help managing it.

Don't have time?

Don't have the time for project management? That’s exactly why you need Mosaic. By showing everything in one place, Mosaic helps you plan how to get it all done, prioritizing everything top down across the board.

Overwhelmed with things to do?

Mosaic manages and tracks your tasks so you don’t have to. It shines at helping you break complicated projects into small, manageable pieces, so you can focus on what everyone needs to do next. Get control over your work and get home on time.

Worried about deadlines?

Mosaic tracks deadlines so you can focus on getting work done. Scheduling projects has never been this simple. No complex Gantt charts or annoying spreadsheets, just simple ways to keep the team informed and plan your projects.

Poor team communication?

Mosaic is perfect for managing teamwork. It tracks projects, tasks and schedules so everyone is on the same page. With everything in one place, Mosaic answers a lot of questions, reducing email and meetings.

Still looking for the right tool?

Mosaic is the best tool to help you get your project completed on time. The number one issue our users faced with other project management software was lack of team adoption due to complexity. Mosaic is as simple as you need it to be, which means no training required. It’s so simple, you and your team will actually use it.

Need something more flexible?

Most project management tools aren’t built for all of your projects, large and small. Mosaic is flexible, so it handles everything your team needs to do in one place. And Mosaic is the easiest way to track projects and distribute workload.

In the dark?

It can be challenging for teams to keep track of everything going on. Fortunately, Mosaic isn’t just built for project management, but also team management. Only Mosaic gives you a bird's-eye view of everything going on, providing the transparency necessary get up to date and keep the entire team in the loop.