Super-charged Time Tracking

Get more accurate time tracking and project financials with Mosaic.

Automatic Time Tracking

Stop losing thousands of dollars in missing hours on inaccurate or late timesheets. Turn on our automation to pre-populate timesheets, complete with estimates.


View and filter time entries to get the customized company-wide time reporting you need. Easily export to an excel file for accounting or client reports.

Financial Software Sync

Modern integrations, so there’s no downtime or need to re-enter project and timesheet information. Save weeks transitioning and get started on Mosaic today.

Beyond Time Tracking

Simple and effective time tracking,
plus project & resource management.

Keep financials in control

Mosaic accurately and visually communicates project budgets to the team in real time, so you’re never in the dark. Built to seamlessly integrate with with your financial software and keep the project and finance teams in sync.

Bird’s-eye views

Plan, manage, and monitor every project. See who’s working on what, update schedules, and keep the project moving forward together.

Increase Efficiency, Increase Profitability

Quickly and visually see allocated time for the day and week. Get the maximum potential out of your team. On average, Mosaic can increase staff utilization over 10%.

Join the happy, productive teams managing thousands of projects every day on Mosaic.

“Mosaic is great. It was the best decision we made to implement this software.“

Lav G.
on Capterra

“Mosaic’s automated time tracking eliminates one of the biggest business headaches.”

Matt G. Engineering Director

Financial Integration

Mosaic easily integrates with financial software like Quickbooks to save you weeks transitioning. Import employees, clients, projects and timesheets in minutes and get started on Mosaic today.

Enter time from anywhere

Desktop, Tablet, Android & iOS to make it easy to keep timesheets up to date
on the go. A seamless experience between to your computer, laptop, or phone.

World-class support

Get help whenever you need it. Our world class support team is standing by to answer any question you may have, any time.

financial sync
Submit & Approve

Mosaic’s submission and approval process makes time tracking more accurate and avoid costly mistakes. Approved time automatically syncs to your financial program.

cross team

Instead of checking everyday, receive weekly notifications of un-submitted time and time to be approved, so you don’t have to worry about what you might have missed.


The reports you need to ensure timesheets are accurate and submitted on time, so you can get invoices out on schedule. Reports are easily customizable and downloadable.

Take back your time.

Join the happy, productive teams managing thousands of projects every day on Mosaic.