Mosaic makes life easier.

The simple, visual way to get your work under control, and make more time for what matters.

Organize everything

Your private home space is where you plan, set priorities, and handle work that’s important to you. Outside the noise of the team, here you can focus on what you need to do, and get control of your work.

A calmer way to work

Overwhelmed by work and deadlines? Mosaic is the solution to get it all under control. Task lists, notes, and schedules help you handle the challenges of any project, so you never have to worry about forgetting anything or missing a deadline again.

Find out why the best productivity apps are wellness tools.

Get the big picture

Build your own custom dashboards to manage everything that matters to you in one place. Keep an eye on your progress to track your goals and keep your priorities straight.

Only Mosaic gives you the complete visibility you need to make quicker decisions based on real data.

Automatic tracking

Never waste another minute of your life doing timesheets. Turn on automatic time tracking and by simply filling out your timesheet today, you are training Mosaic to complete your future timesheets for you.

Make every minute count with Mosaic.

Work smarter with Mosaic.

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