Mosaic helps you easily plan and manage work to deliver it on time and on budget, every time.

Experience clearer team communication, better
schedule visibility, and faster project completion.

Visual tools

Each space on Mosaic is meticulously designed to present data in a simple and intuitive way, helping you quickly understand project information at a glance.

Bird’s-eye views

All your team’s projects in one place to plan, track, staff and communicate priorities. High-level views let you see how your projects are progressing in real-time, keeping everyone on the team informed.

A team sport

There’s no faster or easier way to distribute project information to the team. Communicate clearly with due dates, priorities, milestones, project notes, and status updates - so you never miss a deadline again.

Easily access the latest information, communicate with clarity, and manage projects without chaos.

Never miss a deadline

All the modern project management tools you need to run any project like a pro and complete it on schedule, profitably. Communicate clearly with due dates, priorities, milestones, project notes, and status updates - so you never miss a deadline again.

Balance workload

Mosaic lets you easily see what everyone is working on in a single view, so you can quickly assign staff to projects, see who has time available to help, and even drag and drop tasks to meet deadlines.

Optimizing staff utilization is one of the ways Mosaic significantly increases profitability.

Track budgets

Budget information at your fingertips, without opening your financial software. Mosaic's budgets give your project managers the real-time project financial information they need to get things back on track before its too late, and deliver projects under budget.

Mosaic's visual budgets accurately track costs to help you increase project and firm profitability.

The Big Picture

Create custom dashboards to easily keep an eye on project progress, schedules, budgets and work forecasts. Even invite others to share insights with the team. Only Mosaic gives you the complete visibility you need to make quicker, informed decisions.

Business Analytics

Mosaic’s powerful reporting on time, schedules and budgets, gives you the data you need at your fingertips to make quicker, better-informed decisions.

Essential Integrations

Mosaic easily integrates cloud file storage and financial software to give you a complete picture. With our modern integrations you’ll save weeks transitioning by importing staff, clients, and projects in minutes to get started today.

Give your team the tools they need to succesfully manage any project.

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