Elevate your company and the quality of your client work.

The modern all-in-one you’ve been waiting for. Track tasks, schedule projects, balance workload, monitor budgets, and manage the entire company.

Big picture, high-resolution.

Hour by hour tasks get completed, notes added, project updates shared, and schedules adjusted, all automatically notifying the team. At the end of the day, this activity informs timesheets, which updates the schedules, workload planner, and budgets of what’s been accomplished, flagging any issues should things get behind or overbudget.

Dashboards give you the 30,000 ft. view so you don’t lose sight of your priorities. And on successful completion, Mosaic’s modern business intelligence tools analyze activity to help you understand your business in a way never before possible.

For the first time ever, you’ll have a complete picture of every piece - your Mosaic.

Bird’s-eye views

Project dashboards, schedules, workload, and budgets - the views you need to make informed, high-level decisions, quickly. Directors, partners and executives easily keep a pulse on projects, while monitoring KPIs like project performance, utilization, and profitability.

Mosaic gives you the visual tools you need to know the status of every schedule and budget before it’s too late.

The right tools

Get your team the modern project management tools they need to run any project like a pro and complete it on schedule, profitably. Mosaic’s toolbox includes tasklists, kanbans, notes, and schedules to handle the complexity of any project and put an end to the nights and weekends that plague poorly managed projects.

Communicate clearly with due dates, priorities, milestones, project notes, and status updates - so you never miss a deadline again.

Balance workload

Mosaic lets you quickly assign staff to projects for immediate visibility into team workload, so you can staff projects efficiently and get the most out of your resources.

Optimizing staff utilization is one of the ways Mosaic significantly increases profitability.

“Mosaic has the tools we need to understand which teams are busy, which aren’t, and what work we have coming up, so we can easily manage our billable work.”

Josh M. - Director

Auto time tracking

Consider the days of chasing down timesheets over. Automated time tracking keeps your team's timesheets accurate and up-to-date, helping you better understand how project time is spent, so you can create reliable schedules and budgets.

Make every minute count with Mosaic.

Monitor budgets

Mosaic's budgets give your project managers the real-time project financial information they need to get things back on track before its too late.

Budget visibility helps improve how budget is managed, increasing project and firm profitability.

Get the big picture

Instead of flying blind, use Mosaic’s dashboards with visual charts to monitor the health of the company at a glance. Get the 10,000 foot view or drill down to manage projects.

Mosaic gives you complete visibility into every aspect of your business with actionable insights to help you quickly make strategic business decisions.

“It’s a lot less stressful managing the firm based on a real workload forecast instead of my gut.”

Lav G. Vice President

Run reports

Know the performance of every member, profitability of every project, and utilization of every team, so you can continually improve project performance and replicate what works.

Rely on past projects to forecast time budgets with greater accuracy and deliver future projects on schedule.

financial sync
Simple Setup

Quickly import employees, projects and timesheet data to save weeks transitioning and hit the ground running on day one.

cross team

Easily connect teams or separate offices to share staff resources and collaborate. Even invite contractors, sub-consultants, or clients to get everyone on the same page.


Built to be expandable from 5 to 5000 projects, so you never have to worry about outgrowing Mosaic.

Essential Integrations

Mosaic easily integrates cloud file storage and financial software to give you a complete picture. With our modern integrations you’ll save weeks transitioning by importing staff, clients, and projects in minutes to get started today.

Become a more efficient, productive, and profitable company today.

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