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Resource Management for Software Development

Visualize workload, so you can confidently staff projects, strategically hire, and ship better work more efficiently.
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Balancing workload and boosting efficiency for software engineers and developers

Product creation and innovation doesn’t happen without your skilled engineering and dev teams—but they’re not at their best if they’re misallocated, spread too thin, or prioritizing the wrong things. Thanks to powerful system integrations, Mosaic combines project and people data to visualize who is working on what and when. Our AI then forecasts workload and makes staffing recommendations, so you always have the right team shipping their best work at the right times.

Allocate faster

Get AI-powered suggestions to instantly assemble project teams with the right skills, availability, and more.

Manage better

Understand what your team can and can't get done, and balance work across the team to prevent burnout and inefficiencies.

Work smarter

Leverage intelligent automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline project and resource planning.


Agile Resource Planning for Software Engineering and Development Teams

Optimize workload like never before with Mosaic’s next-generation resource management software.

Efficiently staff projects at scale

Quickly map available staff to incoming workload, accurately accounting for skillsets, availability, and more. Mosaic’s AI even suggests people for projects and projects for people, reducing time-to-fill and eliminating overallocation.

Work Plan Suggestions Image

Streamline sprint planning

Plan workload around sprints and visualize potential conflicts across concurrent sprints or programs as well as staffing demands. See sprint timelines, milestones, tasks, and stories across multiple work plans to efficiently understand the full breadth of work.

Planning Shortcuts Image

Forecast workload and headcount

Know when projects can start and whether you need to hire. Mosaic analyzes current and upcoming demand to forecast workload and headcount, so you can effectively plan epics and hiring quarter after quarter.

workload forecast + demand Image

Track project performance with shareable reports

Run reports in real-time to understand what’s happening inside your team and keep a pulse on work at any level. Mosaic also analyzes system and usage data to offer insights into your organization, like which projects are slipping and where there are skill gaps.

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Unlock new insights by integrating Mosaic with your tech stack

See the big—and complete—picture. Mosaic connects to your existing software to provide complete workforce visibility as well as workload forecasts and hiring projections.


Enabling collaboration across teams

Mosaic is the only resource planning software purpose-built for collaboration. From individual contributors and project managers to directors and principals, every person in your company will benefit from being connected and managing work with Mosaic.

Delivering a specialty-built planning tool for software engineering and development teams

Mosaic gives engineering and dev teams the visibility to run dramatically more efficient organizations. Integrated with your existing tech stack, Mosaic enables efficient planning and optimizes workload so teams ship their best work. Mosaic supercharges your agile approaches and provides an added layer of intelligence to improve productivity—guaranteed.

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