Moving Faster with Mosaic

Startups need all hands on deck, with everyone wearing multiple hats. Thanks to Mosaic, you can get the maximum potential out of your agile team to move faster than the competition, without the confusion of who is doing what. With your workflow powered by Mosaic, your startup can quickly master project management, freeing you to spend more time with your customers and scale your business.

Startup teams need:

  • An effective project management solution to help you move faster than the competition

  • An all-encompassing, scalable system to increase productivity and efficiency

  • An intuitive platform allowing and encouraging people to wear multiple hats

  • A user-friendly interface that’s incredibly easy for even non-tech-savvy staff to use

  • A shared, cloud-based tool to keep everyone informed, even on the go

Mosaic offers :

Team-Wide Transparency

Collaborate without communication barriers

Workflow Structure

Organize tasks, highlight priorities and automate follow up


Manage workload distribution and prevent over-commitment

Growth Potential

Expand staff capacity and company profit

Online “Cloud” Access

Manage your projects from anywhere


Trust that information is all in the same place, up to date and always available

Reporting and Dashboards

Get instant insight into your team’s performance


Never worry about forgetting project information at the office again.

You’re a disrupter—challenging the status quo and making waves—and you need a teamwork management software that can keep up. Mosaic simplifies your projects and organizes priorities, freeing up time for you to focus on important things. Once you get started, you and your team will be always be on the same page. And, Mosaic works seamlessly on web and mobile, so you never miss a beat.

Running lean is a way of life for you, and with Mosaic you’ve found a way to get more done with less people—share information, plan your projects and track progress. With a flexible system you can handle it all, knowing that as necessary it will grow with you. You can keep breaking things down no matter how complex, so you don’t get lost in all of the challenges involved in attempting to change the world.

Ready to build the next big thing?