Clearly Communicate With Your Team

As skilled communicators, you know what it takes to complete a huge project. Simplify that process by improving your project management with Mosaic—an app that allows you to manage teamwork and projects of any size.

PR teams need:

Mosaic offers:


Collaborate without communication barriers

Workflow Structure

Organize tasks, highlight priorities and automate follow up


Manage workload distribution and prevent over-commitment

Growth Potential

Expand staff capacity and company profit

Online “Cloud” Access

Manage your projects from anywhere


Get instant insight into your team’s performance


Never worry about forgetting project information at the office again.


Trust that information is all in the same place, up to date and always available

Hassle-Free IT

No installation, upgrades or special hardware required

PR is tough. It’s fast changing and demanding. You’re always on the move, meeting deadlines and executing flawless tactics. With Mosaic, your projects are simplified and organized for you and your team. Mosaic works seamlessly on web and mobile, allowing you to get more done, faster.

Mosaic allows you to effectively manage projects, so you can spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks and more time focusing on what you do best. Imagine all your projects under control and completed on time—share information, plan your projects and track progress. Trade in those spreadsheets for something simpler - Mosaic.

Ready to take your practice higher?