Engineer the Perfect Workflow

We built Mosaic to be a simple and efficient teamwork management app—allowing you to break complicated projects into smaller, manageable pieces. It's the most effective way to keep the team informed of all checklists, codes and design requirements.

Engineering firms need:

Mosaic offers:


Collaborate without communication barriers

Workflow Structure

Organize tasks, highlight priorities and automate follow up


Manage workload distribution and prevent over-commitment

Growth Potential

Expand staff capacity and company profit

Online “Cloud” Access

Manage your projects from anywhere


Get instant insight into your team’s performance


Never worry about forgetting project information at the office again.


Trust that information is all in the same place, up to date and always available

Hassle-Free IT

No installation, upgrades or special hardware required

Did you know more than 95% of engineers don’t use project management software for design? Mosaic allows you to effectively manage projects, so you can spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks and more time focusing on what you do best. Confidently handle all of those moving parts, effortlessly keep everyone on the team in the loop, and get access to all the key project information from anywhere. Share information, plan your projects and track progress with Mosaic. By preventing oversights, you can finally put an end to those late nights and weekends.

Construction is a fast-paced industry with a high-level of complexity where projects are literally “built in stone” and there’s no margin for error. Mosaic was born out of an A&E firm’s struggle to manage all of the moving parts of its complex projects. It has grown into a tool to manage the entire firm, not just the professional staff. Designed to revolutionize the industry by increasing efficiency and profits, while improving the quality of projects for clients. In a business where margins are low, it's about time engineers got a raise.

The simplest solution is almost always the best