Upgrade Your Agency's PM software

We all need Project Managers, which is why we built Mosaic—an app that allows you to manage teamwork and projects of any size. Upgrade your process to one that is faster, cheaper, and simpler.

Agencies need:

  • An effective project management solution for intricate strategies and workflows

  • A scalable system to track communication with a growing number of clients, media reps and other stakeholders

  • An intuitive platform to easily manage the status of various campaign materials

  • A user-friendly interface that’s incredibly easy for even non-tech-savvy staff to use

  • A shared, cloud-based tool to keep everyone informed, even on the go

Mosaic offers :

Team-Wide Transparency

Collaborate without communication barriers

Workflow Structure

Organize tasks, highlight priorities and automate follow up


Manage workload distribution and prevent over-commitment

Growth Potential

Expand staff capacity and company profit

Online “Cloud” Access

Manage your projects from anywhere

Hassle-Free IT

No installation, upgrades or special hardware required


Trust that information is all in the same place, up to date and always available

Reporting and Dashboards

Get instant insight into your team’s performance


Never worry about forgetting project information at the office again.

Work at an agency is never in short supply. You’re always asked to innovate on client asks while operating on limited budget and time. Mosaic manages teamwork so everyone is on the same page, all the time - share information, plan your projects and track progress.

Mosaic allows you to effectively manage projects, so you can spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks and more time focusing on what you do best. Confidently handle all of those client requests while effortlessly keeping everyone on the team in the loop. Easily track bugs, changes, and new scope so you can ship early and often. And save that heavy-weight software for when your company gets acquired by Google.

Ready to take your practice higher?