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Team Projects

Your bird’s-eye view of everything going on. Teams group your projects to easily plan and track work. See who’s working on what, update schedules, and keep the project moving forward together.

Personal Home

Your private space to prioritize and plan on your own terms. Organize your tasks, activities, projects, and schedule. Your Personal Home - enjoy full control over your work.


Easily create groups so you can structure the company and keep track of who does what. Mosaic brings everyone together.

Use Mosaic to manage everything and everyone

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Ever dreamed of actually scheduling your projects? Mosaic’s Schedules now make it effortless to create a visual roadmap, so you can stay ahead of deadlines. It’s fun to drag and drop, or don’t - and let Mosaic’s auto-rescheduling take care of it.


Budget resources by project, role, and hour - so you can finally see what’s forecasted and realized in real-time. Tied with planning, activity, and timesheets, you'll finally be able to capture all of your billable time.


Prevent billable time loss, avoid inaccuracies, and save hours spent trying to remember what you did. Mosaic’s smart automation fills out your timesheet as you work, so you don’t have to.

Team Planner

Finally, a place to visualize resources and distribute work across the team. Scheduling as simple as drag and drop. Reschedule, update, and get a feel for what’s on your team’s plate. Never lose sleep over deadlines again.

Screen with Mosaic task template copy and paste feature

Project Templates

Why repeat the same mistakes and forget the same things? Easily take what you’ve learned from past projects and build on your previous experience.

Automate your project management

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Any Device

Mosaic is everywhere you are, on every device - Desktop, Tablet, Android & iOS. Get project information out of your head and check your facts on the go.

Task Columns

Customize projects to work your way. Add columns for key dates, estimating hours, status, milestones, and more. Effortlessly assign responsibilities and track key details to keep the whole team informed.

Multi-Task Updates

Built for speed. Learn from past projects, update, copy, or move tasks between projects.


Ask questions, share updates, and bring in team members. No need to remember who is handling what or who to CC. Mosaic keeps the right people informed to put an end to pointless status meetings.


Rich text editing captures and shares important information in one place - minutes, research, contacts, and more. Plus, use #hashtags so everyone can easily find information.


A live stream of progress, get notified of others’ tasks, projects, and activities based on your preferences. Focus only on what matters to you.


A flexible way to categorize and quickly filter your tasks and notes. Even tag similar topics across different projects, so you can work smarter with more information.


Help & Support

We’re the easiest-to-learn project management app around. Mosaic is so simple, you can get up to speed with our 60 second training videos. Still lost? Turn on "Help Mode" to find your way. Need human contact? Our customer success experts are ready to help 24/7.

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Multi-Task Updates

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Project Details

Project Managers

Reply to Comments

User @Mentions


Personal Colors


Global Search

iPhone & Android

Real-Time Sync

Private Boards

Bank-Level Encryption

Customized Notifications

Admin Controls

Live Help

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