Project management is messy. Clean it up with Mosaic.

Why use several apps when you can use one that has everything you need:


Status updates conveniently keep the team informed of everything that's going on, while creating a rich history of who did what, when.


Boards naturally organize your meeting agendas and can be printed showing the latest status of the project.

Task List

A task list for every project, so important tasks never get forgotten. Easily assign tasks to divide work and track responsibilities, improving efficiency and maximizing utilization.


A super simple schedule to track milestones and due dates for all of your projects, so you can actually plan your team's workload and beat those deadlines.


Capture and share all of the important project information you never had a place for. Create checklists and quickly record important project documentation, calls, meeting minutes, etc.


Get notified when someone updates a project status, assigns you a task, or creates a note in one of your projects.


Easily control sensitive information with private boards.


A flexible way to categorize your tasks and notes.


For small teams and big teams, it’s as simple or complex as you need it to be. Drag and drop to rearrange anything in Mosaic.


Make Mosaic your own with your team logo and your personal board colors.


Coming Soon

Mosaic prevents billable time loss by automagically filling out project information for you.


Task Priority is a simple way to identify the tasks you're working on, any urgent tasks, or things on hold.


Never feel lost in your project management software again. Mosaic’s help overlay is on every screen to explain it all.

All the essentials...


Boards group your team's projects so you know exactly what's going on.

Private Boards

Private Boards create private projects to easily control who sees what.


Search everything to find what you need fast.

Project Status

My Projects provide a shortcut to all of your projects, from all of your boards.

Project Status

Project Status provides a simple way to avoid meetings and still keep everyone on the same page.


Project Milestones help you track progress and beat deadlines.

My Tasks

My Tasks displays all of your tasks from all of your projects.

Assign Tasks

Assign Tasks so everyone knows who is doing what.

Follow Tasks

Follow Tasks to keep track of tasks assigned to your teammates.


Inbox to manage all new tasks assigned to you by others.

Task Dates

Task Dates including due and scheduled dates to get it done on time.

Task Priority

Task Priority to communicate importance and keep everyone up to date.

Real-Time Sync

Real-Time Sync across all devices for access from anywhere.

Automatic Backups

Automatic Backups daily to protect your data.

Customer Service

Customer Service providing best-in-class live support.


Boost productivity with distraction free design.


Stripped of complexity, you're free to manage projects, not software.


Just start clicking around - no training required.

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