Work faster and more efficiently, together.


Quickly give status updates for all your projects for your weekly meeting, or skip the meeting and have project updates emailed to you.


Provides the perfect place for important project documentation, meeting minutes or any information you or your team needs.


Let's face it, project schedules are a moving target. Mosaic is designed for real life. With timelines, you can quickly plan your projects without unnecessary complexity.

Drag and Drop

Completely customizable. Drag to rearrange anything in Mosaic - boards, projects, tasks, notes – even team members. Even make your Mosaic personal with color.

Tagging Tasks/Notes

Tagging categorizes your tasks and notes. Quickly filter your task list to find your calls or easily track down those meeting minutes.

Help Screens

Never feel lost in your project management software again. Mosaic’s help overlay is on every screen to explain it all.


Coming Soon

The best part of having all your team’s projects in one place is your timesheet is much easier to do.

All the essentials.

Board group your team's projects so you know exactly what's going on.

Project Status provides a simple way to avoid meetings and still keep everyone on the same page.

Project Milestones help you track progress and beat deadlines.

Private Boards create private projects only viewable by Board members.

My Projects provide a shortcut to all of your projects, on all of your boards.

My Tasks displays all of your tasks from all of your projects.

Inbox to manage all new tasks assigned to you by others.

Assign Tasks so everyone knows who is doing what.

Follow Tasks to keep track of tasks assigned to your teammates.

Task Status to communicate importance and keep everyone up to date.

Task Dates including due and scheduled dates to get it done on time.

Search everything to find what you need fast.

Real-time sync across all devices for access from anywhere.

Automatic backups daily to protect your data.

Customer Service providing best-in-class live support

Business and Personal

When you sign up for Mosaic, you get a free personal account that links to your team account. Any projects and tasks from your team show on your personal and private home screen. If you leave a team, that information is removed from your account, but your personal projects and tasks remain.

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