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Runa Workshop

Runa Workshop improves communication and accountability with Mosaic.

Katie Khan
Operations Manager
Nikki Tebo
Director of Marketing
Austin, Texas
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Improved consistency across projects.
Enhanced communication and accountability at the team level.


Runa Workshop

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“The customer service team responds immediately and are always happy to answer any questions.”


Founded in 2009—by Jean Pierre Trou and Aaron Vollmer—Runa Workshop is an innovative creative firm: “one that inspires design collaboration, encourages practice, and fosters creativity.” In Quechua (a native Incan language), Runa means “people,” so Runa Workshop is about “people exchanging ideas.” When Nikki Tebo—marketing and PR manager—joined Runa in 2017, she knew she had landed in the right spot, a spot where she could apply every bit of her previous work experience. In the summer of 2021, Runa added Katie Khan, operations manager, to their team. 

The Challenge

Before adopting Mosaic, Runa was relying on a Google Doc to manage their projects—"a living document that outlined what needed to be done throughout a week or project lifespan,” Tebo and Khan said. The team also used ArchiOffice, which "worked fine, but wasn’t dynamic enough to support Runa’s growing team.” According to Tebo and Khan, it also didn’t integrate with any tools, which hindered their experience with the software. As you might expect, the biggest issue that Runa ran into was inconsistency across their projects. The team knew they needed to improve communication and accountability, which is why they began searching for a more comprehensive, intuitive solution.

The Solution

Then, they found Mosaic. "We decided to go with Mosaic because it had the capabilities we were looking for, with the support to provide onboarding,” Tebo and Khan said. But that wasn’t before they explored the competition. "BQE and Monograph were the major competitors we were considering,” they said. But "BQE did not have the interface we were looking for, and Monograph did not have the support we needed—or the answers to many of our questions.” 

Fortunately, the team was pleased with their onboarding at Mosaic. According to Tebo and Khan, the Mosaic team has “provided amazing support to Runa.” In fact, they’ve “worked tirelessly to not only understand how to get Mosaic to work the way Runa wants it to, but also to ensure that the proper integrations are there to be able to populate the information we need.”

“Mosaic is crucial to our workflow. We look forward to it improving our productivity and profitability.”

The Results

"Mosaic is easy to use,” Tebo and Khan said. "It’s a valuable tool for our staff’s work schedules.” And their team likes the mobile application in particular.

While Runa is still admittedly in the learning phase of using the software, they’d definitely recommend Mosaic based on the onboarding and support alone. “The customer service team responds immediately and are always happy to answer any questions.” They’re also very optimistic about Mosaic’s impact on their business. “Mosaic is crucial to Runa Workshop's workflow. Our team knows what tasks they are to work on at any given time. Our project managers can easily maintain their project schedules with ease,” Tebo and Khan said. “And we’ve really just scratching the surface of its full potential. We look forward to Mosaic improving our productivity and profitability.”

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