Deliver your best work on time and on budget, every time.

Mosaic has the modern tools you need to manage projects and the agency to dramatically improve visibility, efficiency, and profitability.

Simple & Intuitive

A familiar spreadsheet interface everyone knows, only beautifully designed, built for speed, and tailored to manage projects in the cloud.


Share and report on work in real-time to make sure your team knows exactly what needs to get done, who needs to do it, and by when.


Each space on Mosaic is meticulously designed to present data in a simple and intuitive way, helping you quickly understand project information at a glance.

Project + resource management
software for agencies

Mosaic was designed to fit creative and design teams, social media, PR, and operations. It’s perfect for managing campaigns, content, launches, events - and the agency, all in one place.

Track time

Never waste another minute of your life doing timesheets. Automated time tracking keeps your team's timesheets accurate and up-to-date, helping you better understand how project time is spent, so you can create reliable schedules and budgets.

Stay under budget

Mosaic’s visual budgets let you easily track project time costs to increase project profitability, while giving you the data you need from past projects to estimate future fees with confidence.

Plan Resources

Visually see who’s working on what, when, and if they are under or over-utilized, so you can staff projects efficiently and get the most out of your resources.

See the big picture

Create custom dashboards to easily track project progress, budgets and work forecasts. Even invite others to share insights with key team members.

Only Mosaic gives you complete visibility with actionable insights to help you quickly make informed decisions.

Essential integrations

Mosaic easily integrates cloud file storage and financial software to give you a complete picture. With our modern integrations, you’ll save weeks transitioning by importing staff, clients, and projects in minutes.

Join the happy, productive teams managing thousands of projects every day on Mosaic.

“Mosaic is great. It was the best decision we made to implement this software.“

Lav G.
on Capterra

“Platforms like Monday and Trello weren't made for project-based companies that have turnover. Mosaic was made for creative agencies.”

Jason B. Vice President
on Capterra

Mosaic is everywhere you are, on every device.

Desktop, Tablet, Android & iOS to manage your projects on the go. A seamless experience between to your computer, laptop, or phone.

World-class support

Get help whenever you need it. Our world class support team is standing by to answer any question you may have, any time.

financial sync
Financial Sync

Seamless and simple financial integrations. Effortlessly import employees, clients, projects, and time to get started immediately.

cross team

Easily connect teams and even offices to combine project resources. Invite contractors, sub-consultants, or clients to projects to get everyone on the same page.


The only platform built to manage projects and the agency. Task lists, timesheets, and schedules combined with workload, and fee tracking.

Deliver projects faster and more profitable.

Join the happy, productive teams managing thousands of projects every day on Mosaic.